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Hola Amigos! This is the story of Thomas and Aurelio, two brothers from Darkest Peru. Aged just 5 and 7 years old they travelled away from their native roots and arrived at an airport in the UK. The brothers, with nothing but a suitcase each, and their Mum and Dad, were taken in by their British grandparents and welcomed into their home. The classic story of a bear from Darkest Peru arriving at Paddington Station is not so dissimilar. Apart from visits to family in Peru they have been based in the UK ever since.  


Aurelio, the younger brother, is a total dude. Having taught kite surfing all around the world he settled by a beach in the UK, became a full-time teacher and is co-owner of Funky Llama.

Thomas has two young children of his own. They have always worn handmade Peruvian wool cardigans. The positive comments from friends, members of the public and just about everyone, started the idea of allowing others to appreciate these beautiful artisan products from Peru.  

The brothers brought their heritage of Peruvian quality, colour and original designs to the UK and Funky Llama was born.

So, now you know about the roots of Funky Llama. We really hope you enjoy the products as much as we do!




A distinctive feature of Dralon is its all-round versatility. Dralon not only provides softness and warmth, but also guarantees durability and bright sustainable colours.

Alpaca Knitting Wool

Surround yourself in the soft, smooth warmth of alpaca. Alpaca yarn is smoother than sheep wool, making it less prickly. Also it does not contain lanolin, the cause of many wool allergies. 

Explore the fabulous quality of our collection. Each product is a wearable work of art.